Getting Close: The magic of the wide-angle

Last week I was watching a video of a photographer, Mel DiGiacomo, that caught my attention and inspired me to do a blog post on b&w photos taken up-close with a wide-lens.  He was talking about the magic behind those photos – the life that you can capture when you’re up-close and personal with your short little lens. . . and it got me thinking.

I don’t think that they are the photos that I’m talking about are the ones that catch your eye the first time through.  I do think, though, that they are the ones that you see as you are flipping through the set on a rainy day and you think, “Wow!  I love that photo!  I never saw that one before.”

We love them because they tend to capture people’s personalities . . . to capture them with a different perspective, but a perspective that we love.  We love them because they are close, moving, drawing us in to that person or those people as if we were sitting at a table with them, laughing and enjoying life, or talking over something serious.  It evokes emotion.

So, with that in mind I have put together a collection of some of those photos that I love.  For those of you that own these photos or are the subject of the photo, maybe it will be the first time you’re really seeing them, or maybe they are the ones that you have fallen in love with.  More than anything, I hope they evoke some emotion, that they are the ones you sit back in your chair and stare at for awhile.

Salvadorean woman, laughing, holding toddler in the doorway
My friend, Karla, holding my namesake, Amy, in Regalo de Dios, El Salvador.
Two women dancing, one of them pregnant, dressed in traditional Ethiopian wedding attire.
Two aunties dancing, waiting for the bride.
Bride and groom dancing at the wedding reception.  Taken down low, wide angle lens.
Bride and groom starting things off at the reception for this Habesha wedding.
Groom with "I survived a Habesha Wedding" t-shirt on, dancing with his bride.
Bride and groom dancing away the evening, ring bearer on his phone.
Five older, Ethiopian women dancing at the reception, mother of the bride in the middle.
Traditional Ethiopian dance at a Habesha wedding. The mother of the bride in the middle.
Many playing tuba walking through the woods.
Leading the procession out of the wedding in the woods.
Kids sliding towards the camera on the hardwood floor at a wedding reception.
Kids sliding towards the camera on the hardwood floor at a wedding reception.
Littlest girl in the family trying to slide on the hardwood floor.
Littlest girl in the family trying to slide on the hardwood floor.
Little boy standing against a metal door holding up five fingers.
The cutest ring bearer. He was 5.
Bride in her wedding dress getting ready to see her groom.
Bride holding her necklace just before going up to see her groom for the first time.
Bride in the front seat of the car looking back at the groom in the backseat.
On the way to family photos after the first look and a few quiet moments together.
Several women around a table, toasting the bride, who is standing. Mojitos.
Toast to the bride at Mojitos after a fun night of Zumba!
Two women helping the bride button up her wedding dress while she looks in a mirror across the room.
Up close with the mother of the bride, and sister-in-law, getting the bride ready.
Bride looking down at her wedding dress, sitting on vintage couch.
The bride, just before the first look.
Bride facing her maid of honor, smiling, getting dressed for the wedding.
Bride and maid of honor getting ready for the wedding!
Bride sitting on the bed while her maid of honor puts her shoes on her, flower girl sitting on the floor next to her doing the same.
Everyone getting their shoes on.
Bridesmaid with her hair down, dancing.  Another bridesmaid is behind her dancing at the table.
Bridesmaids having fun the morning of the wedding!
Little boy on a swing, swinging towards the camera.
Swinging for the camera.
Two members of the bridal party coming out of a human tunnel during a traditional dance.
Coming through the tunnel at a Southwest wedding.
Three women up close at a birthday party.
Three friends celebrating my birthday up close.
Little girl with blonde curly hair with a huge smile on her face.
I can’t handle all of the joy in this smile.
Bride and groom descending stairs, bubbles in the air, at Fremont Abbey.
Bubbles trailing behind the bride and groom on their way out.
Grandma sitting at a table in a very cluttered dining room.
My sweet, sweet grandma on the first day that I got my 10-22mm.
Man and woman in a car, both with sunglasses on being coy.
Does this kind of cool need a caption?
A man and a woman sitting on a porch with a German Shepherd sitting in between them.
They could be the cutest couple you ever saw, with the coolest dog ever.
Little girl, coloring at a table.
Margarita coloring.
Little girl, up close, smiling with huge, beautiful eyes.
Amy Jill.
Three Sudanese kids sitting on the floor.
The baby is worried about what that little boy is going to do next.
German Shepherd and French Bulldog facing off over a ball.
You shall not pass. Even for your ball.
Little girl on a folding chair, peaking through the back at the camera.
You have to keep yourself entertained.
Little boy looking straight into the camera, eyes wide, with a sucker in his mouth.
This is what happens when you eat 30 suckers.
Getting Close: The magic of the wide-angle

A Musical Extravaganza in the Woods: Sierra and Ivan got married!

I am trying to catch up on weddings that I have done over the past year or so with this new blog so I’m going to work forward from some time ago. . .

Ivan and Sierra are two of the most energetic, creative, talented people I know.  I’m convinced they found each other because they eventually wore out any other possible partners!  These two put together all of their creative talents (and those of many of their friends) to throw a beautiful wedding in the woods at the base of Mt. Rainier a little over two years ago.  It was an all day, late into the night affair at Wellspring Spa at Mt. Rainier and fun was had by all.  There was a band or a musical number to quench almost every musical taste, desserts by the dozens, and a bride and groom dressed to the nines in their totally unique wedding apparel.  Even as a second shooter at this wedding there were lots of great photos to share!

Ivan and his mother beginning the walk down the "aisle". The groom in his vintage suit and top hat waiting to begin the wedding in the shadow of Mt. Rainier.AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_005AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_019 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_015AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_017 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_020

AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_023AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_028 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_029AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_037AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_048 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_051AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_057 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_058AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_062 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_064 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_080 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_083 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_086 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_097AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_071 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_073AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_088 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_095 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_106 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_110AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_103 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_113 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_122 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_134AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_131 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_123AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_143 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_146AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_151 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_153AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_152 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_171AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_192 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_194 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_196AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_201 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_204AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_199 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_205 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_207 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_208AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_212 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_217 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_226 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_227AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_287 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_294AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_302 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_304 AW_SierraandIvan_Wedding_MtRainier_20120908_322

A Musical Extravaganza in the Woods: Sierra and Ivan got married!